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Server details

The name of your server's .jar file.

How much RAM to allocate to the server (Measured in megabytes, should end in 'M').

Script settings

Make sure you select the correct option for your operating system.
A basic startup script. Intended for use with shells such as Bash. Choose this if you're running Linux.

Everyone's favourite flags from everyone's favourite JVM expert. Aikar tirelessly worked to tune these flags for maximum performance on a variety of server types, big and small. Find out more about Aikar's flags here:


Note for Pterodactyl Panel users

If you run into "out of memory" errors, please ensure your script's RAM is set to a value lower than the amount of RAM allocated to the Pterodactyl server (around 1-2GB less). Alternatively, you can disable the memory limit on your server by setting the RAM value on Pterodactyl to 0, which will allow the JVM to do its job.

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